Hi, my name is

Raj Rathod.

I love to put life to Web App.

I'm a Electronics and Telecommunication Engineer and Cyber Security Graduate. Working as Frontend Developer at StoreLab in London, UK. Currently focused on building user friendly Shopify App for no-code e-commerce space.

About Me.

Hello! My name is Raj. I enjoy working with modern web technologies. My interest in programming began when I was in my Bachelor's. I finished my degree and began learning programming through online courses and YouTube. After a few weeks, I realised that I was interested in Frontend Development. As a result, I began learning more about websites, how they work, and how to create one.

I landed my first job as a Frontend Developer at after learning and practising multiple small projects with HTML, CSS, and Javascript Vaisansar Technologies. Aside from technology, I am also quite interested in sports, especially football. I became a JavaScript Developer at Sportz Interactive to merge my two passions.

In November 2022, I completed my Master's in Computer Forensics and Cyber Security at University of Greenwich, London. As part of my dissertation research, I created a prototype for a new payment solution for the real estate sector that is based on smart contracts and employs ERC20 Standard Tokens.

Here are few technologies I worked with:

  • Javscript
  • React
  • Node JS
  • WordPress
  • Socket IO
  • Jquery
  • Solidity
  • PHP

My Work Experience.

Frontend Developer @ StoreLab

August 2022 - Present

  • Developing new Features for our Web App.

  • Designing and developing new inhouse portal for our clients in NextJs.

  • Closely working with our Lead Developer to learn backend technologies such as PHP, Laravel, Docker.

  • Pair Programming with other developers to find efficent way to implement new features, get feedback and learn new technologies.

Wordpress Developer @ 31 Media

April 2022 - July 2022

  • Analysed the company's website and identified the issues with the current website and identified the best solution for the issues.

  • Developed the new website using the WordPress CMS and oversaw the migration of the company's content to the new website.

  • Proposed and implemented solutions to the issues identified in the website related to design and Marketing.

Javascript Developer @ Sportz Interactive

September 2019 - July, 2021

  • Built and shipped Web application which provides the user with the ability to create and manage their own team.

  • Developed a Web application which generates infographics of the various sports in PDF, PNG and Word format.

  • Worked with multiple teams on projects such as the Graphics Broadcasting Tool which was used to broadcast Cricket Graphics on live stream for ECN and Fan Code.

  • Mentored and coached freshers on the best way to develop the application.

  • Proposed and Engineered various projects for in-house and client related to Football Analytics.

Frontend Developer @ Vaisansar Technologies

September 2018 - July, 2019

  • Developed and maintained code client websites primarily using HTML, CSS, Sass, JavaScript, and jQuery

  • Architected and Implemented Front-end of Company's ERP Portal using RequiresJS, NodeJS and MaterializeCSS, which reduced the load time by 50%

  • Worked closely with CEO and CTO to develop, document and manage ERP portal using NodeJS, SASS, Jquery, and MaterializeCSS

Some of my Projects.

  • Tours

    A tour booking website allows users to book tours and view tour details and also gives the user the ability to review their tour booking. There are different roles for Users, Tour Guides and Administrators.

    • Node JS
    • Mongoose
    • Express
  • Crown Store

    An e-commerce application built on ReactJS. It allows the user to view the products, add to cart, checkout and view the cart & modify the cart. Stripe is used for payment processing. Backend is built on Firebase. User can also login with their Google account.

    • ReactJS
    • Firebase
    • Redux
    • SASS
    Crown Store
  • Dev Connector

    A Social Networking website for Developer which allows devs to connect with other users and share their knowledge. It also allows user to create their own profile based on their Education, Work Experience, Skills and Social Links. Users can also comment on other users' posts and also like other users' posts.

    • ReactJS
    • NodeJS
    • Express
    • MongoDB
    • JWT
    Dev Connector

Other Noteworthy Projects

  • A Small Tool to search Github users and display their profile details. It also displays the user's repositories and the user's followers and following.

    • ReactJS
    • Axios
  • A boilerplate for ExpressJS which includes all the necessary files and folders to get started with ExpressJS. It also includes a basic express Server and routes for Registration and Login.

    • NodeJS
    • Express
    • JWT
  • A small tool to generate a random color pallete. It also allows the user to generate a random color pallete with a specific number of colors.

    • Jquery
    • SCSS
    • HTML
  • A Small Android Application built on Java to track expense of the employees while on business trip.

    • Android Java
  • A small app to search recipes from the internet using Food2Fork API. Users can also like recipes and build shopping cart for their recipes.

    • Vanilla Javascript
    • Axios
    • MVC
  • A Create React App boilerplate which includes all the necessary files and folders to get started with ReactJS and Redux, configured with store, redux-thunk and redux-devtools-extension.

    • ReactJS
    • Redux

Get in touch.

Please feel free to reach out to me via email, phone, or social media. My inbox is open for any new exciting project ideas, or just a casual 'Hi'. I'd love to hear from you! Just shoot me an email and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.